Voting platform for Deliberation discussion and Decision making

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Parti Townhall inspire participants to engage democratic decision making with ease and fun
What are different modes in Parti Townhall modes?

Staff mode where event organizers set Townhall up and manage polls


Participant mode where participant vote and give comments on their smartphone or PC


Live Dashboard where enable you to display participant's opinion and poll results instantly on event presentation screen

How it is better with Parti Townhall

Enable to effective deliberation and

decision making with various sessions

Parti Townhall enhance participation and

concentration through visualising
participant opinion instantly
Poll - Realtime
Poll - Confirmation
Rating Poll
Multi Choice Poll
Let participants express their opinions freely to find the best one.
Participants vote for one or multiple from suggested options.
Your vote feeds into the Confirmation Poll by pushing the button "Vote".
Try it for the final decision.
Choose the preferred one between two sides with empathic listening.
Everyone can hands-on feedback instantly during the event.
Send presenters cheering hands.
Never get bored of events
and It's like a scene of the coolest TV show
Share their opinion and question in real time,
led to more interactive discussion.
Vote a score on their perference of the opinion.
It enable to decide priority of execution.
Use it when you need intuitive voting,
easy-to-analyze data collection.
Try eSignature and make the final decision.
You can write description for eSignature
and download eSignature data.

Secret voting Nobody know for sure

- Blind Townhall
Different to Anonymos poll
Ensure to check only participants information and number of participants without personal votes
Parti Townhall work on decision making platform
with Trust and Deliberation
based on digital technology
Get started with Parti Townhall for organizational democracy decision making
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