Voting platform for
Deliberation discussion and Decision making
About Parti Townhall

Live discussion with Ease and Fun

whether it is an in-person, virtual or hybrid event

Easy to share opinions for everyone
Provide intuitive and fun features to actively express and share their opinions for participants
No need to download app, Just use their smartphone connected to the internet to participate.
Live Participation Dashboard
Help participants to understnad the flow of discussion completely and fastly Empower participants to actively involved and flourish communication
Enable us to collect diverse voices and make more democratic decision

Parti Townhall Toolkit for event
Are you trying to figure out, How to organize events for active participation and engagement?
Find the solution from Parti Townhall's various cases.
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Parti Co-op is a social cooperative of democracy activists in Korea.
We innovates Democracy with digital technology and provides democracy infrastructure for our society based on open-source and open-data philosophy.
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