You can add imagination to voting and events
Events, meetings, discussions, and voting
with Townhall makes it easy and fun.
For non-profit corporations,
online general meetings
are always permitted.
This is a non-profit corporation under the Civil Act, and does not apply to social cooperatives, social cooperative federations, and heterogeneous cooperative federations under the Framework Act on Cooperatives.
New way to discuss together and participate in decisions
New way to discuss together and decisions. Make it easy and fun to discuss and vote together in Parti Townhall.
Events that you creat with participants
It allows participants to share their opinion instantly and join with fun and interes. You can experience participant led event and meeting and more democratic decision process.
Online e-voting to decide together
Online e-voting
Parti Townhall provides all the features you need for events and voting. Create Townahall where you can easily participate anytime, anywhere and gather more opinions.
Online training tools to learn discussion and decision-making together
Online education tool
Discuss issues big and small around we, and create an education that makes democratic decisions.
How to have fun gathering opinions, and participate in decisions all together
Parti Townhall inspire participants to engage democratic decision making with ease and fun
Live discussion with Ease and Fun
whether it is an in-person, virtual or hybrid event
How to organize events for active participation and engagement?
Find the solution from Parti Townhall's various cases.
Various Sessions
Live Dashboard
Secret Ballot, Add Staff
Participants Download Result Data / Report Data DownLoad
Participant mode where you participate event on your smartphone or desktop
Votes, battles, suggestions, electronic signatures, quizzes, etc.
Check the user manual for each function
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