Privacy Policy

0. General Provisions

Parti Co-op(hereinafter ‘Company’) is committed to protecting user’s personal data and privacy. We strictly comply with all privacy protection applicable laws, regulations and guidelines including the 「Personal Information Protection Act 」 , 「Act on Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection」.
Parti Co-op makes every effort to prevent the leakage and misuse of user’s personal information through Parti Townhall(referred to as ‘Service’)’s Privacy Policy. In this Privacy Policy, The Company informs the purpose, the method of how we use personal information provided by users and the measures taken for privacy protection.

The Company displays this policy on the main page of Parti Townhall website where users can easily access it at any time.
However, This privacy policy may be modified in order to update from any revision of applicable laws and regulation or to provide a better service. The Company shall notify each individual user of the latest privacy policy and encourage users to frequently review the contents of the privacy policy on this website you visit.

1. Collection and Use of Personal Information

① Townhall Host User
Collected personal information item Purpose of Collection and Use
1. Membership registration and service provision
Host: email address, nickname, profile picture, password
1. Registration and provision of Parti Townhall service
① Personal information is processed for the following purposes
- to verify your identity through identification and authentication for providing this service
to maintain and manage membership
- to prevent improper service usage and member account theft
- to notify you of changes to this service
- to handle complaints
- to keep records for dispute mediation
② Personal information is used for Parti Townhall service marketing and promotion such as providing event information, participation opportunities, and advertising information
2. Analysis and Improvement of this service
Personal information is used to improve our service with statistics related to the service use of members and user
② Townhall Participant User
a. Required information
Collected personal information item Purpose of collection · Use
Membership registration and service provision
Participant: email address, Name, phone number, profile picture
1. Registration and provision of Parti Townhall service
① Personal information is processed for the following purposes
- to verify your identity through identification and authentication for providing this service
- to maintain and manage membership
- to prevent improper service usage and member account theft
- to notify you of changes to this service
- to handle complaints
- to keep records for dispute mediation
② Personal information is used for Parti Townhall service marketing and promotion such as providing event information, participation opportunities, and advertising information
2. Analysis and Improvement of this service
Personal information is used to improve our service with statistics related to the service use of members and users
b. Optional information
Collected personal information item Purpose of collection · Use
Affiliation, SNS information 1. To verify Parti Townhall user’s identity
2. To provide event information, participation opportunities, and advertising information
③ Additional personal information may be collected only from users who access services within Parti Co-op. When collecting additional personal information, the users are informed with further guidance regarding the ‘collected items of personal information, purposes of collecting and using personal information, and the retention period of personal information at the time of collecting such personal information and are asked to provide their consent.
④ The Company collects personal information under the following methods.
a. The user agrees to the collection of personal information and enters his/her personal information when registering the membership, and while the user uses the service, such personal information may be collected.
b. Personal information may be collected in writing from offline events, seminars, and the like.
c. Generated information such as device information may be automatically generated and collected during the use of PC web or mobile web/app.

2. Personal information processing and Retention period

① The Company processes and retains personal information within the period of personal information retention and use as required by statues usage or the period to which each information subject consents when personal information is collected
② The processing and retention period of personal information shall be as follows
1. (Require) Website membership registration and management(email, name, nickname, phone number, profile picture): until the withdrawal of membership
2. (Optional) Affiliation, SNS information: until the withdrawal of membership
③ If the Company has obtained additional consent from users regarding the retention period of personal information or if the laws and regulations impose obligations to retain information for a certain period, personal information may be stored during the designated period
1. The case where additional consent is obtained from users is as follows.
To prevent any fraudulent registration and use with customer service, their personal information will be stored by the user’s consent for six months from the date of withdrawal. All of their data will be deleted completely beyond six months.
2. Examples of Compliance with legal obligations are as follows.
a. Records about marks and advertisement, contract details and fulfilment etc. in accordance with the act on consumer protection in electronic commerce
  • - Record on marks and advertisement : stored for six months
  • - Record on contract or withdrawal of subscription, payment and supplying goods, etc. : stored for five years
  • - Record on consumer’s complaints or dispute settlement : stored for three years
b. Holding of communication confirmation data by the Protection of communication secrets act
  • - The computer communication, internet log-records, Data on tracing a location of information communications : stored for three months

3. Provision of Personal Information to the third party

The Company shall only process user personal information within the scope specified by user’s consent and shall not disclose the personal information, except in the case of the legal basis or information subject’s consent. the company may share personal information with the 3rd party by obtaining separate user’s consent as below.

① Recipient of Information Provision: Parti Townhall Host user
② Purpose of provision : To verify one’s identity and communication for campaign conduct
③ Personal information items to be provided : Name, phone number
④ Retention and Usage Period of Personal Information : Until Townhall session is effective
* Personal information collected item and usage period may differ as the following written details when obtaining consents of a 3rd party provision.
* You may withdraw your consent and have limited access from the withdrawal

4. Entrustment of Personal Information Processing

① The Company may entrust personal information processing operations in order to facilitate personal information processing. In accordance with relevant statutes of entrustment contract, the company shall supervise the entrusted subcontractor securely to ensure the secure processing of user’s personal information.
② In cases of changes to details of entrustment operations or entrusted subcontractors, The Company shall immediately disclose in this Privacy Policy or prior consent notice in agreement with relevant statutes.

5. Procedure and method of Personal Information destruction

The Company, in principle, shall destroy the personal information without delay if its purpose to process the personal information is achieved or if the user requests membership withdrawal.

① The Company shall select personal information that needs to be destroyed and delay the personal information under consent of Privacy Protection Manager of the company.
② The Company disposes of personal information: in electronic form shall be destroyed permanently in a way that it cannot be restored; and in hard copy form shall be destroyed by shredding or incineration.

6. Rights and Obligations of Information subject and How to Exercise Them

① At any time, users may exercise the following rights related to his/her personal information.
a. Request for inspection of personal information
b. Request for correction and deletion of personal information
c. Request for de-identification of personal information in cases where processed result data’s disclosure included personal information
d. Request for suspension of personal information processing
② If users request correction or deletion of errors in his/her personal information,the company shall not use or provide the personal information until correction or deletion thereof is completed.
③ If other statutes stipulate the particular personal information be collected, users shall not request the deletion thereof.
④ Users may fulfill the following obligations as the subject of personal information.
a. Users shall enter your up-to-date information and take responsibility for any problems caused by the provision of inaccurate information.
b. Users shall be responsible for maintaining security about accounts etc and he/she cannot assign or lease them to third parties.
c. If a user registers membership through identity theft by using another person’s personal information may be imposed with punishment and loss of membership qualification in violation of relevant statutes.
⑤ The right related to personal information may be exercised through an information subject’s legal representative or agent. In such a case, the information subject is required to submit a power of attorney in accordance with Annex 11. Enforcement Ordinance of the Personal Information Protection Act.

7. Installation, Operation, and Refusal of Automatic Personal Information Collection Tools

① The IP address, cookies, service usage records, device information, location information may be generated and collected while a user uses the service
a. Automatic generated information: data of visit, service usage record, IP address, activity logs, device information(device unique identification value, OS version), Cookies(cookies are small text files sent to user’s computer brower from the server(http) used to run the website and are stored on user’s PC computer hard disk)
b. Purpose of using cookies : cookies are used to provide optimized information to users by identifying the types of visits, uses of each services and websites visited by users, most searched terms, security access status, etc.
② Users may reject the storage of all cookies.
a. Internet Explorer : Select the “Tools” menu at the top of the browser > “Internet Options” > option setting of “Privacy” menu
b. Microsoft Edge : Select “Settings” menu at the top of the browser > “Show advanced settings” > option setting of “Cookies” menu
c. Chrome : Select “Settings” menu at the top of the browser > “Advanced” > “Contents Settings” > option setting of “Privacy” Tab
③ When a user rejects the storage of a cookie, the user may use the service, not the customized service.

8. Links to Other Sites

Parti Townhall may provide links to other websites, products, materials of the company for users. In this case, because third-party websites, materials, products and services are out of our control, the company is not responsible for and cannot guarantee their usefulness of provided service or materials. When users move to another website by clicking a link featured on Parti Townhall, such website’s privacy policy is entirely unrelated to the company. Therefore, users are hereby advised to review the new website’s policy.

9. About Privacy Protection Manager

① The Company, to take overall responsibility for personal information processing and handle user’s personal information related complaints & remedies against infringement, has designated Privacy Protection Manager follows.
a. Privacy Protection Manager
Contact :
b. Please make inquiries to the following organizations regarding complaints report, counseling on personal information infringement.
Personal Information Infringement Report Center (which is operated by the Korean Internet & Security Agency)
  • Duties : Complaints report, Consulting on personal information infringement
  • Website :
  • Tell : (No prefix) 118
  • Address : (58324) 9, Jinheung-gil, Naja-si, Jeollanam-do, Republic of Korea
Personal Information Dispute Mediation Committee
  • Duties : personal information dispute mediation, collective dispute mediation for civil resolution
  • Website :
  • Tel : (No prefix) 1833-6972
  • Address : (03171) 4th Floor, 209, Sejong-daero, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Cyber Investigation Department, Supreme Prosecutors’ Office : 1301 (, )
Cyber Safety Bureau, Korean National Police Agency: 182 ( )

10. Inspection of Personal Information

the subject of information may request a personal information manager to allow him/her to inspect his/her personal information in compliance with the 「Personal Information Protection Act 」 Article 35. The Company endeavors to promptly process inspection requests of Personal Information for the subject of information.

Privacy Protection Manager
Name: Kim Youngmin
Contact :

11. Measures to secure the security of personal Information

Parti Co-op takes the following technical and organizational measures for securing safety in order to prevent personal information of this Service user from loss, theft, leakage, alteration, or corruption.

① Technical countermeasures against hacking etc
Parti Co-op makes every effort to protect user’s personal information from hacking or computer virus etc. The Company frequently backs up data and uses the latest antivirus software to prevent leakage and damage of user’s personal information. The Company also safely sends and receives personal information over the network via encrypted communication. Parti Co-op controls unauthorized access from the outside by using an access-restricted system and enforce technical measures all the way for systematic security.
② Organizational measures
The Company limits the minimum number of personnel with access to personal information, The personnel with such access are as follows.
a. Person who conducts marketing directly towards member
b. Person who conducts personal information management (e.g. privacy protection manager)
c. person who cannot avoid handling personal information for any other conduct

12. Obligation to Notify Prior to Amendment

The Company shall announce such modification of this privacy policy through its website at least 7 days prior to the scheduled amendment.
This Privacy Policy will be effective on the 7th day of April, 2022.

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